Bryan City Cemetery

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Established on June 13, 1868, three years after the townsite of Bryan was dedicated. Land for the graveyard--20 acres then on the northern edge of Bryan--was sold to the city for $100 by landowner J.C. Hubert. The first addition of land was made June 15, 1915; the area is now 48 acres. Many prominent early citizens are buried here. The City Cemetery Advisory Board and the Bryan Cemetery Association (organized November 30, 1920) serve in an advisory capacity in the operation of the cemetery.

Special Directions/Instructions: 
1111 North Texas Ave., Bryan. The marker at this location is the result of a State-approved local project. The marker was cast locally, which is why it does not resemble the more familiar historical markers.


30° 40' 58.1016" N, 96° 22' 7.2984" W