About the Brazos County Historical Commission

County historical commissions are a vital link in Texas' preservation network. Few other states have a built-in mechanism that makes possible a preservation organization in every county. The Brazos County Historical Commission (BCHC) has the statutory responsibility to initiate and conduct programs suggested by the county commissioners' court and the Texas Historical Commission (THC). Over the years, the BCHC has worked co-operatively with the THC, local governments, local non-profit organizations and individual citizens to preserve Brazos County's heritage for the use, education, enjoyment and economic benefit of present and future generations. Through the volunteer efforts of its members, the BCHC works to ensure the preservation of historic buildings, sites, artifacts, documents and other pieces of Texas history. Local members also serve as resources for individuals seeking to obtain historic markers, as well as serving as a clearing house for various inquiries regarding the county's history. Past activities of the BCHC include support of local history celebrations and heritage tourism, publication of brochures dealing with the county's history and historic sites, and surveys of local cultural and historic resources. We are particularly interested in the marking of historic sites before their locations are lost to development.

Texas Historic Marker Program

The local commission's main focus is the Texas Historic Marker program. This program was instituted by the State of Texas in 1936 in observance of the State's centennial year to encourage the preservation of Texas history. By supporting the marking of historic sites, the BCHC fulfills its legislative mandate "to create county-wide awareness and appreciation of historic preservation and its benefits and uses." The BCHC is responsible for reviewing all applications for local historical markers before they are recommended to the THC. We encourage interested citizens to contact the BCHC before they begin to work on a marker application so that we might offer guidance and support. If you would like more detailed information regarding the marker program and its requirements, please see the THC's website: http://www.thc.state.tx.us/

Getting Involved

The commissioners' court is responsible for appointing the BCHC in January of odd-numbered years. If you are interested in serving on the county historical commission, contact the BCHC chair, the county judge or a county commissioner for information on local appointment procedures.

Contact Information

Send an email to contact a representative of the BCHC.

About this Website and Photo Credits

Most photos of historic markers and their GPS coordinates were collected by volunteer Boy Scout John Mayo who visited every historic marker in the county with hand-held GPS and digital camera in hand. His grandfather, David Mayo, and father, Henry Mayo, provided transportation and related assistance. Doug O'Brien of the County Engineer department translated the coordinates into a format usable to update THC's database. Brazos County then-Webmaster Bronius Motekaitis produced this website with the gentle perseverance of Colleen Batchelor of the Brazos County Historical Commission. Other photos used in and throughout this website are provided courtesy of the Carnegie Center of Brazos Valley History, Bryan, Texas, which maintains a generous collection of historic photos from in and around Brazos County. The volunteers who have worked on this website have done their best to faithfully transcribe historical materials. Neither Brazos County nor the Brazos County Historical Commission will be responsible for any mistakes contained in the materials posted on this website. The contents are presented as a public service and as source material for further research.