Carnegie Public Library

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Center of cultural and civic activities in Bryan since 1903. Established through inspiration of the Mutual Improvement Club (renamed the Woman's Club, 1909) under the leadership of Mmes. Lucy Miley Brandon and Rose Fountain Howell, who with modest means had set the library goal in 1899. An appeal to the industrial magnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie secured a grant of $10,000 contingent upon the City's giving a site and pledging maintenance funds. In addition, private persons also gave funds and books. Auditorium was site of many gatherings, foremost being the 1919 to 1933 reunions of Hood's Texas Brigade Association. In 1944, the Library Board President, Mrs. Lee J. Rountree, established the Children's Educational Foundation with result that the Rountree Room was opened on converted second floor in 1953.


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