New Website Launched

The interactive map and marker list include photos of the markers and some surrounding area as well as any special information you may need to find the marker out in the real world. If available, in the individual marker sections we have included the "narratives" mentioned above as PDF documents under the heading, " Narrative/Supportive Research" for easy location. Finally, if there is a particular marker you want to find which exists somewhere in our county, be sure to check out the Search tool at the top of this site. You can search on any text used in the markers, titles, or other information. Please enjoy our new website, and be sure to leave feedback via email with our commission for improvement of this website. N.B. The volunteers who have worked on this website have done their best to faithfully transcribe historical materials. Neither Brazos County nor the Brazos County Historical Commission will be responsible for any mistakes contained in the materials posted on this website. The contents are presented as a public service and as source material for further research.